Congratulations to Engr. Frederick David & Mrs Ma. Jocelyn"Joji" Chiong

posted by Ivy on 15 May 2009 at

Tuesday, May 12, 2009 was another grand celebration for the family. I was my Uncle Freddie and Auntie Joji's silver wedding anniversary. Family and friends gathered at tthe Archbishop Chapel to witness their renewal of vows. It was so nice to see familiar happy faces like those of Auntie Janet who was their Maid of Honor who just arrived from USA, Florida with his brother Joey and his family. I was also delighted to see Patricia looking real pretty in her fancy flower girl's dress. And of course Auntie Susan and Uncle Noel and the rest of the clan. A reception followed at the Grand Convention Restaurant after the mass.

As you may all recall, Engr. Frederick David Chiong was one of our principal sponsors and her wife Mrs Ma. Jocelyn Chiong was also one of our readers during our wedding. For me, witnessing the celebration of their 25th wedding anniversary was truly an inspiration. And as Wendell and I is about to celebrate our first wedding anniversary this June, we hope that we too could reach the same milestone that they had achieved as a couple.

Congratulations Uncle Fred and Auntie Joji and may you have many more years of married bliss.

Almost in Full Circle

posted by Wendell on 07 May 2009 at
Finally!!!!!! We are done with all the video edits in all parts. All we need is to do some finishing touches which would include the interactive DVD menus, DVD cover design, and the end credits Wendell and I have been working intensively in it for the past three weeks. Its amazing to see how collaborative work can make a difference not just in terms of speed but also in artistry. We have almost come full circle and we can't wait to have it released in DVD and to share it with family and friends who have been asking for a copy. And what perfect timing, our first anniversary is drawing near. I guess this would be a great way to refresh and share this special memory.