Wedding Video: Table Hopping Photography Session

posted by Wendell on 30 January 2009 at
Guests with bride and groom during the wedding reception table hopping.

Finally, a "shiny, happy people" video of all guests who were there after the wedding reception dinner.

For those who were there, let's hope you were caught smiling.

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Wedding Video: Wedding Ceremony, Part I (Scrutiny, Exchange of Consent, Confirmation of the Marriage Bond, and Blessing of the Arrhae and Rings)

posted by Wendell on 10 January 2009 at
Groom and bride read a prayer in marriage.

This is another series of videos documenting the wedding rituals that bond us into husband and wife. Essentially, it is the core event of the wedding day and should not be omitted from being released in this web site. That's something we pondered upon: to show or not to show this since it might only be of interest to us. On second thought, the world needs to see what a traditional wedding rite is like in the Philippines in its entirety.

Hearing the poorly recorded sound obscured in deep echoes gives us a feeling of loss as this is something we can never record back or restore to crystal clarity. Ideally, several professional microphones have to be strategically placed in the church to record both loudspeaker sounds and ambience in separate channels. We were only able to capture what was picked up by the video cameras' built-in sound recorder which resulted to a poor speech soundtrack. Blame it on low budget wedding videography.

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