Wedding Rites Page now up and running

posted by Ivy on 29 July 2008 at

We are happy to announce that the Wedding Rites page is now online for viewing. We have yet to put some captions and title for each photo. Happy viewing and enjoy!

Hello to Fr. Martin

posted by Ivy on at

Yesterday we finally bumped into Fr. Martin after several attempts of trying to meet him again. We wanted to give him personally the thank you card with the pictures so we deliberately would have waited for the last Mass at 7 pm. We spotted him at the back of the altar when the 6 o'clock Mass was about to end. We were both hesitant at first to approach him but then we eventually did and we had a bit of chit chat on some things. It was really nice to see him again.


Thanks to Angel and Aunt Celina

posted by Ivy on 23 July 2008 at

Through Wendell's cousin, Angel Hermenegildo, we receive yesterday via email some photos of the wedding from Aunt Celina's cam. Thank you so much for sharing these photos.


Updates and Photo Solicitation from Family and Friends

posted by Ivy on 17 July 2008 at

We just updated the site. Updated pages with photos include the Wedding Processional and the Church Seating Arrangement. We will be updating more pages in the days to come.

We are not quite satisfied with some photos especially for the wedding processional. We had two photographers but unfortunately, the other photographer was late and was only able to take a few pictures for the processional so if you happen to have some good shots from your own camera, please do share it with us. Any photos which you will solicit will be most welcome and will be properly acknowledged. Thank you in advance.


Who Gave Us the Akemi Pillows?

posted by Wendell on 13 July 2008 at
Akemi Pillow Gift

We sent a thank you card through Ivy's mother to Ms. Ditas Larrauri thanking her for the two Akemi pillows that we thought were her wedding gift. It turned out that we had the wrong gift tag attached to the pillows gift. Some of the gift tags were detached and interchanged with other gifts during transport from the wedding reception area.

If you have given the pillows, please inform us through the Contact Us page. Thank you for such a nice gift!


Sending Off

posted by Ivy on 10 July 2008 at

Three weeks have come to pass after the wedding and everyone will soon resume to their normal living as my parents, my Aunt Wennie and one of our principal sponsor, Mr. Modesto Jordana heads back to the US and Canada. We sent them off early this morning at the airport.

Von Voyage, guys and have a safe travel!