Photos and Videos

posted by Wendell on 29 June 2008 at

We have collected the video files from the two support video cameras of Emmanuel Iradel and Clifford Remolador. We are still patiently waiting for Lito Navaja, the main video shooter, to turn over the two miniDV tapes that we gave him. It is still at the hands of the freelance video editor that he contacted. We want to edit our own movie, using all the shots from the three video cameras.

All the digital photograph files are in. We just got the last photo disc from Maricel Navaja, the main photographer. She's Lito's young wife. The other two photo discs came from James Siador, a Fine Arts graduate and a good photographer that we can recommend. He took beautiful shots of the church wedding with cinematic composition and lighting, which is what we prefer rather than the point-and-shoot ones we usually get from commercial studios. James Siador once worked with John Unson, one of popular Cebuano freelance photographers.

Watch out for the photos and videos on this web site soon! We will also be giving out prints to the guests.


Thanks and Apologies

posted by Wendell on 24 June 2008 at

Thank you for the gifts! We have just opened them yesterday and today. We took pictures of each item, as wrapped and unwrapped, and listed up who gave them. We kept the little greeting cards and ribbons. Thank you!


Welcome, Guests from Abroad!

posted by Wendell on 13 June 2008 at

Ivy should be the one to write this entry but she is busy with the preparations. So in behalf of Ivy, I welcome all guests and balikbayans from the United States and Canada who arrived this week. They are:

We also welcome other guests who arrived without our knowledge. Please sign our web site Guest Book and let us know. Welcome!


We Appreciate Your Response!

posted by Wendell on 07 June 2008 at

We have booked for the Redemptorist choir headed by Mrs. Gaviola. They have only one female for their soloist so it looks like we might have to ask somebody to sing Josh Groban's You Raise Me Up.

We appreciate invited guests who informed us whether they are coming or not. This will affect the seating arrangement and ensures the availability of seats and good table company. Most importantly, this will save us from spending on excess reserved seats and food.

Please inform us of your coming or absence through our contact details in the RSVP card or by simply filling up this web site's Contact Us page. There's no need for a good reason to decline from attending. Your letting us know is enough.

Thank you so much for your cooperation!


Nail Time

posted by Wendell on 05 June 2008 at

It's exactly two weeks from the wedding day and it's time to close deals with our chosen providers.

We've "nailed" our professional photo and video shooters with a non-refundable deposit. Yikes! Aside from the studio company, we have a couple of freelance video shooters and a photographer to make multi-angled shots possible.

We've also "nailed" our flower decorator from Carbon, Mrs. Rosemarie Sanchez. She will be providing orchid flowers at comparably low prices. This will include flowers for all the entourage members, the bridal car and the church. She seems to have direct flower suppliers from Busay.

We're now left with the choir, make-up artist and the bridal car to nail next.