Gown Flowers

posted by Wendell on 30 May 2008 at
Titania Flower

We went all the way to Naga, south of Cebu, to Lapiz Tailoring to give dressmaker Dornie the design for the bridal gown flowers. This is part of the bridal gown's design in which about more than fifty tiger lily flowers of different sizes adorn it.


One More Flower Girl and a Bible Bearer

posted by Wendell on 25 May 2008 at

We'd like to announce the inclusion of one more Flower Girl into the entourage. Her name is Allison Auman, eldest daughter of Wendell's cousin, Israel. This after a decision to fully occupy the rented entourage gown set, which is provided for three Flower Girls and three Bearer boys. Vance Sydney Molijon has finally been chosen as Bible Bearer, after a couple of false starts. He was once chosen as Ring Bearer and another instance as replacement for his elder brother, Kent, who got almost fired for sporting a long hair. We don't mind long hair as long as it is groomed neatly.

Since Vance is quiet large, we're planning to have him carry a large white Holy Bible kept by my father for more than twenty years. It is rather thick and heavy. We'll see if it is practical or Vance will come out too comedic.

We've been printing a lot more invitation cards today, mostly for Wendell's guests.


Hyle's Suit

posted by Wendell on 24 May 2008 at

We have reserved the groom's suit at Hyle. It is ecru in color, near to beige. I must buy the inner clothe and tie. The inner clothe that they have is somewhat made of very ordinary fabric, one that lacks luster. Their tie collection was a little too colorful.

Just to clarify, we were thinking that the groom wears differently from the rest of the male entourage. That's why we decided to rent a suit for myself. The ones sold are really expensive and ecru or beige is rare. The most expensive suit we ever found cost 14,000 pesos at Rustan's Ayala. If that doesn't surprise you, our own Filipino barong made of piñata (pineapple crown fibers) costs 25,000 pesos in that same store.

We went back to La Mode and payed the entourage set rental to almost full amount. My younger sister Sheila donated cash for this item of the wedding preparation. That saves Ivy from spending more. She was planning to pay for it at first.

For more accomplishments, Ivy has just completed making the giveaways. We'll create a box for them soon and tie it up with a big ribbon.


Meet Our Parents

posted by Wendell on 23 May 2008 at

We've been writing about our parents. It's funny how writing about a person for a public audience makes us look at that person with fondness and forget about whatever conflicts you've had with that person whom you have to put under the spotlight, flawless and radiant. Makes one feel proud, too, no matter how simple or accomplished they are.

You can view our parents in the Bride's Parents and Groom's Parents pages.


Online Guest Book

posted by Wendell on 22 May 2008 at

Web site visitors may now "sign" on our Guest Book page. Layout is still kind of messy right now.

You can post anonymously or you may leave your name. Be careful when submitting your message. You will not be able to edit it later.

To go to the Guest Book page, click on Guest Book button located at the lower end of the menu at the left of this page.


Welcome Home, Auntie Celing

posted by Ivy on 21 May 2008 at

My Aunt Celing (Cecilia Blahut), one of my principal sponsors, has finally arrived today from Vancouver, Canada. WELCOME HOME, AUNTIE!!!

I made quite an accomplishment today on the website with the addition of the Offerers and Readers page under wedding ceremony section but still have to work on the write-up and do some proofreading of other pages.

Wendell went out today to buy the printer ink cartridge. We ran out of ink yesterday and other supplies while printing the invitations. We will resume the printing tomorrow and will hopefully be distributing them this weekend.



posted by Ivy on at

We incorporated our photos in our invitation card layout today and it came out really nice. Too bad, those who already got their invitations won't be able to see it.

Auntie Sarah and I were discussing about adding a bible bearer and another flower girl. We have Vance as our prospect for the ring bearer role and probably one of the daughters of Wendell's cousin for the flower girl.

Auntie also told me that many have already seen our website and James will also be showing it soon to his folks in Indiana. The site is more or less finish but not completely done. Well, I guess this gives me reason enough to work harder on it.

I had to go over the guest list today because we will be printing more invitations. The list will also be needed for plotting the seating arrangements in the reception. I have no problem on my side so far. Four people have already confirmed that they won't be able to make it. My list is more or less final and only needs confirmation. I was even able to finalize Table 1 for that matter even if I have not sent them invitations yet since they are my immediate family and I'm 100% sure of their attendance. The frustration came when I went over Wendell's side. The list is still not organized. I've told Wendell long before to finalize his list but it seems that it takes forever for him to sort things out. I wish I could do it myself to get this done once and for all.

I've been working very hard these past few days making the Emcee script, revising the reception programme, making the giveaways and trying to learn the waltz. Among all others, I still have to finalize the misalet and look for songs for the choir to sing and go over the first and second readings. Lots of work to do but trying as much as I can to stay focused. I'm making a lot of progress though. This is really stressful and I would sometimes sleep in the wee hours of the morning. Now I know why some people would hire a wedding coordinator but then again, that would be an added expense. Besides, I want to be in full control of everything.


One Month to Go

posted by Ivy on 20 May 2008 at

Only a month to go before the Big Day. We have more or less put things up together but have not finalized other details like the choir, flowers, bridal car, video and photo, transportation for our other guests and we still need to rehearse our waltz for the first dance. These are a lot of things, and for some, this might be reason enough to start panicking. But we already have our list of prospects and we know who and where to go to since we have already been canvassing and searching months ago. The only thing left to do is decide which is provider to choose.

Wendell and I went out today to buy other things like the sticker and golden decorative flowers for the giveaways. Our original agenda for the day was to go to La Mode Boutique to pay the remaining balance and to submit the barong measurements, then buy the needed things for the giveaways, go to Hyle Boutique to check on Wendell's suit prospect and then go to PC Express to have his memory card replaced. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask Auntie Sarah for York's and Kent's barong measurements so we decided to just go there next time.

At Hyle Boutique, the suit he had been eyeing a week ago was not there anymore on the rack. We asked the attendant and he said it wax out, being rented off for the week. We are to go back there again next week to check on it again.

From Hyle we went to PC Express and then we decided to go to SM to get our discount coupons for our guests. We asked the lady in the bridal registry table if it would be possible to just leave the coupons to them so that in case some of our guests would purchase the gifts, they won't have to ask from us and we won't have to distribute it to them. The thing is, we are shy about this matter and I guess just leaving the coupons there at the store would be much easier and practical for both parties. Fortunately, the lady agreed and we are quite happy about it.


Bridal Gown Materials Purchased

posted by Wendell on 17 May 2008 at

Yesterday, we went to Familia House to see Dressmaker Dornie and purchased the initial materials needed for the making of the bridal gown. Familia House is a Chinese-owned one-stop shop for all kinds of textiles and dress accessories. It is known in downtown Cebu City for its low prices. In fact, Dornie was able to get a discount from Johnnie, one of the store checkers.